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    Volunteer With Us!

    Note: We are currently not accepting any volunteers EXCEPT for our Top Chef Program.
    Click below for more information and contact Valerie Johnson ( to schedule a dinner drop-off.

    At Alexandria House, our volunteers are a treasured part of our community. Together we laugh, cook, eat, play, and work as we help women and children in need.

    Over the years, volunteers have taught art classes, provided counseling, driven residents to appointments, created on-site gardens, led writing workshops, took our children to the beach, and so much more. Our Top Chefs gather family and friends to cook weeknight meals for our residents, while energetic organizers join us to set up our monthly Thrift Sales. Whether you come once a week, once a month, or once a year, we need your enthusiasm, compassion, and unique talents.

    Check out our different volunteer programs!



    We ask that all new volunteers first attend an orientation. We typically have volunteer orientations twice a month on the first Tuesday of the month at 7pm and the second Saturday at 10:30am. Visit our Events page to RSVP for the next orientation.

    Feel free to contact our volunteer coordinator Valerie Johnson ( or 213-381-2649) if you have any questions.

    Become a volunteer