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Caroline’s B’nai Mitzvah

Celebrate Caroline Macomber's B'nai Mitzvah by donating to Alexandria House, an organization that is very close to Caroline’s heart. Caroline and family have volunteered their time and have supported Alexandria House for many years and are dedicated to its mission of providing safe and supportive housing for women and children in the process of moving from crisis and homelessness to economic stability and permanent housing.

Last year, Alexandria House experienced a terrible fire in one of their two houses – known as the Green House. The five families, including 12 children, were able to get out of the house quickly, safely, and no one was hurt. The building's structure remained strong, but the repairs have been extensive including fire, smoke, and water damage. The re-building took much longer than anticipated because of the limitations of the Covid-19 virus. The good news is that on September 18th & 19th, Alexandria House will have a grand re-opening and resume serving families in need.  

The women and children who come to live at Alexandria House are homeless as a result of domestic violence, human trafficking and/or extreme poverty. Families are provided with a stable and loving home in which to heal and plan the next steps of their lives. The Alexandria House program recognizes that all the participants have experienced deep trauma and therefore require adequate time, counseling, resources, and a sense of community in order to feel safe and whole again. Alexandria House prioritizes housing hard-to-place families, such as those with teenagers and large families.

Young people, especially teenagers, are truly the forgotten victims during a family crisis experiencing homelessness. Caroline has chosen a project that will help teens have a special place to unwind, meditate, play games, hang out, chill, watch TV, read, and more!  

In honor of Caroline’s B’nai Mitzvah, please donate generously to help decorate and refurnish the Alexandria House’s Kid’s Space and to provide ongoing services to youths as they navigate this very difficult time.  Your gift will have a positive impact on so many!
Mazel tov Caroline and thank you for your support of Alexandria House!

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