CJ Ray x Alexandria House

We first met CJ Ray when he came to Alexandria House to film the music video for his new song "For Each Other". We knew right away that we shared a similar mission to love and care for those in our community. He spent the day getting to know Alexandria House and the work that we do with homeless women and children.

The women and children who come to live at Alexandria House are homeless as a result of domestic violence, human trafficking and/or extreme poverty. Families are provided with a stable and loving home in which to heal and plan the next steps of their lives. The Alexandria House program recognizes that all the participants have experienced deep trauma and therefore require adequate time, counseling, resources, and a sense of community in order to feel safe and whole again.

CJ Ray was moved by everyone he met at Alexandria House and the stories he heard. Since his visit he's continued to support our mission of serving unhoused and low-income families in Los Angeles.

Join CJ Ray to support our work by making a tax-deductible donation below. Every dollar that is donated goes directly to help fund programs like housing, food, child care, counseling, financial literacy, job readiness, and other activities to help families transition from homelessness to permanent housing. Together, we can make a difference in the lives of so many!

Thank you CJ for your kindness and generosity. You are welcomed back at our house anytime! Learn more about CJ Ray by visiting his website cjray.com and make sure you check out The CJ Ray Show and his new EP For Each Other.

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