The Issues


  • 57,794 people in Los Angeles live without shelter.

  • Of that total, 8,529 are children under 18.

  • The number of homeless women in Los Angeles has increased 55 percent since 2013.

  • California ranks 48th in child homelessness (where the rank of 1 is lowest and 50 is highest).

  • In Los Angeles, rent-restricted apartments for lower-income families can cost more than $977 a month. The average market-rate rent for a regular apartment in Los Angeles is $2,108 a month, according to the California Housing Partnership.

  • More than 1,000 people contact Alexandria House EACH MONTH looking for emergency housing. Although we encourage people in need to call 211 or contact the Family Solutions Center, the reality is that there are not enough units to help all who are in need.

  • Source: "America's Youngest Outcasts: A Report Card on Child Homelessness" by the American Institutes for Research - National Center on Family Homelessness (November 2014)


This Los Angeles Times article explains the dire issue of homelessness and why organizations such as Alexandria House are crucial in addressing this crisis. While shelters and transitional residences such as Alexandria House are important, our ultimate goal is to get families placed into permanent housing. For our residents, we depend heavily on the Section 8 housing vouchers to help them find housing. However, we are seeing that building owners are more and more resistant to accept these Section 8 vouchers. This article articulates how this is making it even more difficult for families to find permanent housing. In recent months, Los Angeles has also seen an increasing eviction crisis which is affecting some families that have lived in their homes for 10+ years. Read more about it here.

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