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    Project216 Tickets

    $40 - Admission

    $100 - AHA Ally  Two tickets: One ticket for you, One ticket for an Alexandria House community member & One autographed copy of "A Home Between Homes"

    $216 - Bundle  Four tickets: Two tickets for you, Two tickets for Alexandria House community members & Two autographed copies of "A Home Between Homes"


    $500 - Shopping Cart  Listing in program, 2 tickets to the show

    $1000 - Rainbow  Listing in program, 4 tickets to the show

    $2500 - AHouse S/Hero  Listing in program, 8 tickets to the show

    $5000 - ANGEL  Listing in program, 10 tickets to the show, 5 autographed copies of "A Home Between Homes"

    $10,000 - Skid Row Sponsor  Title sponsor, 20 tickets, Logo in program & website, Signage at the event


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    Every dollar that is donated goes directly to help fund programs like housing, food, child care, counseling, financial literacy, job readiness, and other activities to help families transition from homelessness to permanent housing.

    • $25 provides an emergency bag of food and hygiene items to a woman in need.
    • $50 One-month of internet for a member of the Alexandria House community.
    • $75 pays for PPE and cleaning supplies.
    • $100 will pay for a monthly bus pass.
    • $250 pays for a new bed for an Alexandria House resident.
    • $300 covers the cost of feeding 40 people at our daily community dinner.
    • $500 provides healthy snacks for a full year for our childcare program.
    • $1,000 pays for 15 sessions of therapy for a child dealing with trauma-related issues.
    • $2,500 will go towards moving costs for a family moving into permanent housing.

    You can be a s/hero to the women and children who we serve. Please be generous!

    Together, we can make a difference in the lives of the people who are part of the Alexandria House community. Together, we can work to change the systemic injustices that keep women and children homeless and in poverty.

    Consider becoming a sustaining force for our work by becoming a monthly donor!

    Make the most of your gift to Alexandria House by taking advantage of your company's matching gift programs. We will work with your company to provide any necessary paperwork. Here's a list of the top 20 matching gift companies.


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    About Us

    Founded in 1996, Alexandria House is a transitional residence and house of hospitality. We provide safe and supportive housing for women and children in the process of moving from emergency shelter to economic stability and permanent housing. Located in the densely populated and ethnically diverse Mid-Wilshire area of Los Angeles, we also serve our broader neighborhood community by providing educational and enrichment opportunities for our neighbors as well as our residents.

    In response to the compelling needs of the women and children living in Alexandria House, as well as the neighborhood needs before us each day, our goal is to be a community-oriented transitional house and neighborhood center. We are intentionally multicultural and anti-racist, and the needs of women who are economically poor are at the center of our commitment. We are blessed to be supported by a community of caring individuals and groups who share our mission.

    More than 92% of the women who have moved through the Alexandria House program have succeeded in securing financial stability and permanent housing.


    Thank you to our filmmaker Ayu Logan for capturing Jamese's story of empowerment and resilience. The film was made possible by the generous support of The XX Fund and Creative Visions Foundation.

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    Get Involved

    There are so many ways to join us in the pursuit of a better future for those in our community!



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    Need Help Now?

    If you or someone you know is in need of assistance, we recommend the following resources:

    For life-threatening emergencies, call 911.

    If you think you might be in an abusive relationship, call the National Domestic Violence Hotline at (800) 799-7233.

    If you're in need of shelter in Los Angeles County, the first step is to connect with an Access Center in your area. Click here to find the Access Center for you.

    For legal assistance related to COVID-19 from housing to employment, visit https://corona-virus.la/LARepresents.

    For rental assistance, visit https://wwwa.lacda.org/programs/rent-relief.

    Use the search tool below to find housing, shelters, and other services in your area:

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