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Keanakay, a member of the Alexandria House community, wrote an open letter to people who are against homeless shelters in their neighborhoods. When she aged out of the foster care system, Keanakay found herself with no one to rely on and no life skills thus she became chronically homeless for the next 10 years.

Read her open letter here.

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Watch a snippet of Alexandria House featured on “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” on E! 


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The following Los Angeles Times article explains the dire issue of homelessness and why organizations such as Alexandria House are crucial in addressing this crisis.

L.A. County Homelessness Soars


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Our very own Ima Matul spoke about her journey as a victim of human trafficking at the 2016 Democratic Convention. We are so proud of her courage and accomplishments, including the appointment by President Barack Obama as a member of the United States Advisory Council on Human Trafficking. Please join us in sharing her much-deserved moment in the spotlight by watching this CNN video.

Ima Matul at the Democratic National Convention