Ngozika O'keke is a consultant and adjunct professor, turned socially-conscious fashion designer. Her eponymous brand has a cause. With ties to local charitable organizations, Ngozika O’keke Clothing proudly donates a portion of all revenue to organizations that work with survivors of sexual assault and domestic abuse. Partnering with Alexandria House to facilitate the SUSLA program, Ngozika found the perfect balance of entrepreneurship and academics, a program which is on par with the direct independent study Ngozika needs to complete her current Doctoral program in Business Entrepreneurship and Innovation. Ngozika continues to create wearable art through her fashion line and provide innovative products through her hair accessory brand, SuperCrownz. No matter if in business or academia, Ngozika maintains that her mission is to bring awareness to, and aid in, the prevention of assault and simply strive to help improve the human experience through her art.


Jacqueline Perez Valencia is the Director of Job Development and Entrepreneurship at Alexandria House. She focuses on supporting women to obtain well-paying jobs and/or supporting women becoming entrepreneurs so that they can achieve upward mobility and economic security. She previously served as the Program Coordinator for the Solis Policy Institute at the Women’s Foundation California, supporting leaders who advocate for progressive policy in California. She is a first-generation college graduate committed to fighting for the dignity and respect of underserved communities. With her expansive experience in higher education, event coordination, non-profit management, organizing, and campaign management she hopes to foster leaders and organizers in the community to fight the economic and social impacts of poverty. She received her B.S. in Sociology and minor in Business Management from the University of La Verne. She has been awarded multiple awards like the Campus Compact Newman Civic Fellow Award due to her community and civic engagement work.


Italia Saravia is the Office Assistant at Alexandria House. Throughout Italia's 5 years at Alexandria House, she has witnessed firsthand the remarkable contributions women make to the community. Recognizing their immense strength and resilience, she has been inspired by the profound impact these women have on shaping not only their own lives but also the lives of future generations. With a deep understanding of the challenges that women face in their journey toward economic independence, Italia has devoted her career to supporting and uplifting women in need. She is an incredible force of resilience, a single mom who triumphed over tremendous obstacles to create a brighter future. She dedicates her efforts to empowering women and children through their journey toward stability and independence as they reclaim their lives from the grips of life's struggles. Italia firmly believes in the transformative power of self-development, entrepreneurship, and community support. She is committed to breaking the cycle of poverty. She understands that by investing in women's empowerment, entire communities can flourish.